British talk show canceled after guest's death



BIANCA NOBILO: The controversial tabloid talk show

focuses mainly on difficult personal relationships--

family feuds, paternity questions, and addictions.

It's been referred to as one judge in Britain

as a human form of bear-baiting.

It remains popular, though, averaging about

1 million viewers per day.

A spokesperson for the show said that the team was shocked

and saddened, and that filming and broadcasting of "The Jeremy

Kyle Show" would be suspended with immediate effect

because of the seriousness of the event no cause of death

has been confirmed

This news comes as the reality TV genre in Britain

is under increasing scrutiny a former contestant of "Love

Island" took his own life earlier this year, raising

new questions about the level of psychological evaluation

and support that former contestants receive.

Bianca Nobilo, CNN, London.

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