Alabama Senate approves restrictive abortion ban


That breaking news Alabama lawmakers passing what could become the

most restrictive abortion law in the country. Steve osunsami has

the details. A battle brewing that could go all the

way to the supreme court. Good morning. Reporter: That's right,

robin. The legal challenges for this law and others like

it are promised. Abortion would be criminalized in Alabama, made

a felony and the way the law is written, it

would punish doctors who perform them with up to 99

years in prison. The only exception would be if the

mother's life were in danger. House bill 314 passes. Reporter:

The nation's most restrictive anti-abortion measure outlawing abortion in almost

every case including rape or incest and this morning it

heads to Alabama's anti-abortion governor for her signature and she

is expected to sign it. I apologize to the women

of Alabama for this archaic law we passed. Reporter: It

was passed by a veto proof majority mostly men and

fought so bitterly at one point the debate had to

be suspended. Excuse me. He did not make a motion.

He did not -- Reporter: The long game is the

U.S. Supreme court hoping that odds are now better that

today's highest court will overturn the 1973 decision of roe

versus wade which legalized abortion nationwide. We are trying to

keep it just as it was was to acrease the

issue that roe versus wade was decided on, which is,

is that baby in the womb a person? Reporter: Outraged

women have been stalking lawmakers dressed as handmaids channeling the

television drama in protest. In "The handmaid's tale" it is

all about women's autonomy because women have been pretty much

treated like breeding factories and we believe this is what

laws like this do. Reporter: This latest battle over abortion

is sweeping across several states including this one, Kentucky, Ohio

and others that have passed heartbeat laws essentially banning abortion

at about six weeks which critics say is before many

women even know they're pregnant and essentially bans abortion altogether.

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