Trump Jr. agrees to testify before Senate committee


now where senate investigators have reached a deal with the

president's son don junior to testify about the Russia investigation.

Our chief congressional correspondent Mary Bruce has the latest. Don

juniorbalked. Reporter: That forced the committee to issue a subpoena.

But now this morning they have reached a deal. Donald

Trump Jr. Is agreeing to come in and be interviewed

behind closed doors sometime next month limited in its scope

but this deal now ends what had become a pretty

tense standoff here on the hill between the president's son

and the republican-led committee that put a lot of Republicans

in a really awkward position and now he is promising

to pay back the loyal Republicans that stood by a

source telling us trump Jr. Will return the favor come

the 2020 campaign. Wonder what that means exactly. Meantime, on

the house side, the house intelligence committee is now investigating

trump lawyers for possible obstruction. Reporter: Yeah, George, this all

stems from claims made by Michael Cohen. He told lawmakers

that these lawyers close to the president had helped him

to craft false testimony regarding that trump tower deal in

Moscow. Now the committee wants to know if these lawyers

helped to obstruct their investigation. They're demanding testimony and documents

but these lawyers are making it clear they do not

plant to comply, George. They are citing attorney/client privilege. The

question is what other evidence the committee has. Okay, Mary

Bruce, thanks very much.

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