News headlines today: Mar. 14, 2019


Amy and I are happy to share its use and

I'm running to serve you as the next president of

the United States of America. Former Texas congressman battle O

Rourke says he's running for president in 181 evil Roark

joins us hundred democratic field. It's a powerful winter storm

is blamed the live over Colorado state patrol corporal. Responding

to an accident. The Colorado governor has also activated the

National Guard are bringing with them something called an SUSD.

It's an all terrain traction transport. That's perfect for rescuing

people from conditions just like this and let me show

you one of the big problems out here right over

here is the entrance to interstate 25. It is completely

shut down. Thanks to blizzard like conditions from Denver all

the way basically down to Colorado Springs thanks to blizzard

like conditions. These major interstates no match for this major

winter wallop. SAA acting administrator Daniel L well tells ABC

news the agency grounded the Boeing Max eight series based

on satellite data of the Ethiopian airlines in line air

crash. We're able to refine the data points. And it

too. Creating a profile of the flight. Fred its entirety

and when we could see the refined data it matched

too closely to the lion air trajectory. L lo says

the black boxes from Ethiopia crash are in France for

analysis. After he was charged in the college admissions bribery

scandal. University of Texas fired men's tennis coach Michael center.

Attorney denies allegations actress Laurie lot gyms free after posting

a million dollars bond. Demand that federal prosecutors say was

a leader in New York's notorious Gambino Crime Family have

been killed on Staten Island. Police say 53 year old

Francisco Frankie boy Khaled was found with multiple gunshot wounds

multiple reports say he became the boss in 2015. The

house is expected to vote on a measure calling for

the Justice Department to release special counsel Robert Muller's report

to the public. As of now Muller is only required

to provide the attorney general with a confidential report on

the investigation. They also believe it is very important that

the public and congress be informed of the results of

the special counsel's work. My goal will be to provide

as much transparency. As I can consistent with the law.

I can assure you that we're judgments are to be

made I will make those judgments based solely on the

law. And I will not let personal political or other

improper interest influence my decision. Us California governor Gavin Newsom

says it was a meeting with a man wrongfully convicted

of murdering ten years old laid the ground where bring

his decision putting a moratorium on execution. I just think

it's the right thing to do I can't square this

fundamental fact that we have people on death today that

in this. You think that's hyperbolic I hope you'll consider

that just last year we need someone who served 26

years and a room. That was exonerated that Lewis innocence.

European Union council president Donald Tusk says the block should

be open to a long extension. Fear of the UK

needs to rethink kid spreads its strategy lawmakers today vote

on delaying a divorce from you. For calling a developing

story at least ten people are now confirmed dead after

school building collapse in Lagos Nigeria. Crews are searching the

rubble for dozens of children feared trapped in the rubble

about. Forty have been rescued two BBC reports the building

was slated to be demolished because. Of its fourth. A

new UN report paints a dire picture of earth. Scientists

say climate change major global extinction. A soaring human population

degraded land polluted air pesticides plastics and hormone changing chemicals

in the water. We're making a planet and increasingly unhealthy

place. But the report says changes in the way the

world eats gets its energy and handles waste can fix

the problems. I'll happy birthday which are birthday Chris. A.

In New Jersey dad he's trying to undo a birthday

prank from his sons after a billboard near Atlantic city's

said. Wish my dad a happy birthday love your son's.

These included his phone number. Post Kelly wrote then Ryan

Seacrest called. He told the host of live there were

among more than 151000. Calls and text he's gotten. Close

call on this highway near a small airport in Canada

that plane. Nearly slammed me into a trunk just before

going down on the side of the road near Toronto

the plane apparently overshot the runway. The two people on

board or we're not in. I'm meteorologist rob Margie on

the ABC news weather center watching this. Bombs cyclone being

goals essential part of the country nine days with winds

gusting hurricane force. Today yesterday's we will see a slow

weakening. But I emphasize the very slow but some of

this video out of Amarillo Texas dog at eighty miles

an hour not to partner west just over 100 mile

per hour winds. And tractor trailers tipping over there they're

sliding off the roadways in Denver. At the airport shut

down for a time there that's not easy. You shut

down the airport you know it's big storm. Colorado Springs

96 mile per Arlen digital highway signs flopping around that

it's a scary. Scary side eighty million Americans think I

ever went alerts but alerts and blizzard warnings every me

up we have a flooded. Aspects of this with nets

know that we got last week across Nebraska Iowa and

Minnesota and the rains now the warming temperatures that's an

issue but it's the wind field that is most impressive.

And we will continue to see damaging winds on the

back side fifty plus mile per hour winds in Gramercy

with the snow eventually winding down but the point at

Chicago. Indianapolis eventually into Detroit Pittsburgh even detection through the

eastern cities tonight and early tomorrow as this again wind

its way up. In theory it's a severe aspect to

this severe thunderstorm threat. Is in the hands from Indianapolis

little old Cincinnati Nashville almost all the way to out

of Birmingham tornado threats. This afternoon we've already seen some

tornado warnings across Arkansas this this this morning's dynamic storm

continues. And Ortiz.

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