Senate to vote on Trump's national emergency


The senate will now vote on that order whether to

terminate it let's bring back Mary Alice parks she is

there on Capitol Hill. What can we expect today merit

house. We're expecting that the senate is gonna deliver a

major rebuke to the White House it's a big deal

any time a bipartisan resolution. Specifically aimed at the president

pass S. There are five Republicans so far who have

publicly said they plan to vote with Democrats on this

and it's a little history lesson or minor but this

resolution is. When president trump asked congress for money to

build the border wall last year congress said now. And

so the president said fine I'll move money around myself

he declare that national emergency to be able to do.

Just back and use military and defense funds to build

a wall on the southern border. And this resolution. Is

congress saying no again. It's an and saying that that

is a step too far we'll be overstepping his presidential

authority. So there are a number of Republicans willing to

vote with Democrats on this issue. And we expect an

even more than five will will at the end of

today vote to those that did a message to the

president. All right thank you so much Mary Alice let's

turn to tarpaulin marry now she's at the White House

because Terrell. Now the president is already promising to veto

this resolution. Right off the back praising trump said he

would veto any review against his national emergency but for

the past few weeks he's team and the president himself.

They've been making the case that a vote in favor

of this resolution determine the national marine see is of

voting against him a vote in favor Pelosi and a

vote against the border wall. So while Republicans on the

count like Mitt Romney say it's an unconstitutional use of

power president trump instead it's time is saying you're voting

against me your voting against the Republican Party we stand

for strong borders and I just talked to an eight.

Just a few minutes ago and they seem to have

a lot of anxiety about they say exec they may

see as many as twelve to fifteen Republicans. Vote against

this resolution and we already know that this that declaration

emergency was very unpopular. So to see an overwhelming number.

A Republican senators. Vote against it as well is not

a good look for the president politically right now. And

Tara know you have your sources there at the White

House so so tell me behind the scenes is the

White House doing anything to influence this vote. Up for

the past few weeks they've been hitting the phones the

president just had three senior senators over. To the White

House last night for dinner with Milan you talk and

they proposed that the president except some sort of changed

some sort of resolution on top of this resolution that

would. Sort of limit his emergency powers but I'm told

from White House say there is no way the president

is going to accept any bill that limits his executive

authority. Terror pulmonary live at the White House for us

thank you so much terra.

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