Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 jets grounded


And we will start here with our top story of

the grounding of those. Boeing 737 Max eight planes the

US government has now made it official let's get right

out to David Curley he's live at Reagan international airport

as he covers transportation forest David take us through the

timeline here because a lot of people say you know

what the FAA just took too long and David I

see that you're actually invite our Washington bureau there. I

am at the bureau. There's a real question about. Whether

the FAA took too long or not what the agency

will say is that they base their decisions on evidence

and the evidence changed overnight. From Tuesday it into Wednesday

and so they ordered the grounding of the 72 aircraft

here in the United States but what's gonna tell us

whether they've made the right decision. Or the wrong decision.

Is happening in Paris right now. The two black boxes

from the Ethiopian crash are in Paris at the is

safety investigation bureau there. To be read out to extract

the data. Which should tell us are these two crashes

the Ethiopia crash on Sunday and the lion air crash

in Indonesia back in late October. Are there related the

reason the FAA decided to ground as it if you

look at the flight data that they have right now

the path of the two aircraft. They basically were going.

Up and down an up and down and they saw

enough similarities and the time between some of those dips

that they said okay we're not sure this is connected

but they look similar so let's go ahead and ground.

There will be there are experts who will tell you

that grounding was premature. Because the first accident they believe

was based on. Poor maintenance and pilot error. And that

there's no proof that the second crash what actually caused

so. I mean geo the bottom line is is there

something wrong with this jet. Are we dealing with pilot

air. And basically that black box the data from that

black bloc says is what you're saying it may tell

them what exactly happened. Before this plane went down. Yen

to about two boxes actually so flight data is gonna

tell us exactly what the pilots were doing what the

plane was doing. Which systems were engaged with sit which

systems were not engaged and what the pilots were talking

about as this plane was going up and down as

we said where they. Do you know. This could be

anything from was our fire in the cargo hold was

there something else going on in the cockpit. Mean we

really don't know yet that did that the problem is

this is a brand new jet we've seen two crashes

in less than five months. And that these dips right

after takeoff looks similar so let's figure it out in

that data and the voice recorder. Should tell us and

there's a chance GO. That we could have some answers

today. All right David Curley live in Washington David we

will see tonight on world news tonight at New York.

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