Beto jumps into 2020 presidential race


And we're gonna turn now to federal Rourke because he

has now joined that very crowded field he is now

820s when he presidential hopeful. And he is already in

to mourn we're gonna go there and just a moment

but first take a look at some of his announcement

that. The challenges that we face right now the inner

connected crises in our economy. Our democracy and our climate.

You'll Fortis the greatest opportunity to unleash the genius of

the United States of America. In other words this moment

apparel produces perhaps the greatest moment of promise for this

country and for everyone inside of it. And as we

said he is already campaigning in Iowa so let's go

there right now to do mourn. John burrow back is

there and John you're there because he is there campaigning

already he's going to be introducing himself to a lot

of people. Yeah as Reggio I'm actually here in fort

Madison Ohio which is in the eastern part of the

state and your I'd been O'Rourke finally ended months of

speculation this morning and he jumped in the presidential race

he's the fifteenth. Democrat to announce and it's really interest

you to look back at his rise to this moment

most people know better O Rourke he was a three

term congressman from El Paso. Well most people know him

from that senate race last year against GOP senator Ted

Cruz. In Texas that campaign really vaunted O'Rourke into the

national conversation. His sort of off the cuff style really

kind of endeared him not just to. People in Texas

the people across the country. And I think he you

know he he kind of on a soul searching trip

after that race and ultimately he and his wife Amy

decided look I think the best way that we can

serve this country is to run for president. And he

really brand down this morning oh a list of policy.

Issues that he's gonna focus on his campaign health care.

Combating climate change immigration. And he definitely seems like his

are you comfortable on the campaign trail he had one

stop earlier today in Keokuk which is down the road.

And you saw him there are kind of you know.

Taking off his jacket rolling up his sleeves and your

right he needs to introduce himself. To voters here in

Iowa because even though he is in the national conversation

now. He still has a long way to go to

really endear himself to people here. And become a real

contender in this race which like as the only has

fifteen major democratic candidates jump. John stay with us because

I want to bring in our deputy political director Mary

Alice parks Mary Alice how is bed oh. There to

distinguish himself here because John just talked about it fifteen.

Candidates now. He brings a lot of the young energy

to this race it's a personality. That we don't have.

Represented in those fifteen he's good at inspiring Crowell is

and Jennings op. True inspiration and he's been talked about

as an Obama like figure in that way his ability.

To work a big grooming get everyone up on their

feet. But now he's gonna have to prove that he

can also campaigned on a national stage it's really different

to run against Ted Cruz there in Texas and certain

now he's about to run again. Fellow Democrats and the

Democrats you've been running for quite a long time. You

know listen Lauren got in at the end of last

year and she has a whole team working on rolling

out. Policy proposals she's kind of a professor we know

I sort of a walk he's gonna have to stand

up next and that. And it's gonna be and it

changed for him to not just be able to rally

the crowds. But you have to. Position himself next to

his fellow Democrats. And Mary Alice I'm glad that you

brought up Ted Cruz because that's how a lot of

people. No better O Rourke they looked at his close

loss there. In his senate race there to Ted Cruz

it was a close loss but still a lawsuit is

that can hurt him. It totally cut there's going to

be a lot of people that look at his resume

and say the last thing we heard about you and

that you lost. But there are others that are gonna

remember them money that he was able to rain from

around the country really historic amounts of money there in

Texas. And a he was willing to take a pretty

progressive message to tax sense of all play says he

got young people in Texas excited about the possibility of

voting for a Democrat. And he's gonna use that to

his advantage it's that they luck I am not scared

to take this message to any part of the country.

And that's summon the Democrats have been grappling with how

do they take their message to places that traditionally Democrats

haven't won. Primary also want to ask you about the

national emergency vote in just a moment but first let's

go back to John in Iowa because John I think

the starved to sell at least according to social media.

Really has been bad owes dog right. You. That is

very true if you Brad that Vanity Fair. Article that

came out yesterday some beautiful photography by Annie Leibowitz but

it seemed like all and hunt really wanted to talk

about was videos dog who'd. Seemed to know something. That

we didn't he had kind of a worried look on

his face but still very loyal obviously. But it's things

like this where you you you never know what's really

gonna go viral on the campaign trail and I think

this is just an indication of that it's sort of

a silly thing. Com but that's the thing Beno is

that a lot of people like him for his authenticity

for the fact that he doesn't. You know he doesn't

hide. You know that some of the other parts of

his life he brings his family on the campaign trail

he brings us Stanley in. And and you know does

all these lines streams and chose behind this season and

that's something that people who a lot of people like

about it and I think that's going to be something.

We're gonna see continually throughout his presidential campaign jail. All

right John thank you so much the dog is not

shy things are joining us there in Iowa.

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