Why the team who created Theranos ad fact-checked the company's claims


Everything was based on this tiny drop of blood so

we wanted to make that up being good portion of

the iconography of the Graham one of the wind was

inviting bed needle. And had a picture of a childhood

big blue eyes and cat. Just with a look on

his face could help the importance of mission. But before

the ads went live Shiite Dane had to confirm that

all the assertions there are noose was made to bring

back true. To legally protect themselves. Might you sent over

this claims messaging matrix we had spreadsheets with feedback that

we are trying to. Explain to them. What type of

proof that you needed to get this time. They say

Elizabeth got a little fast and loose with dramatic cleans

about the technology I mean there were specific claims. Like

for our claim you can't say that lasts for hours

if you wanna say hundreds of tests on one single

drop in it has to be. Hundreds of task home

watching on drop. No ambiguity can happen that be able

to prove that that's how you do that test. It

has to be true at the time of publication we

can't you can't do it.

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