11 etiquette rules you need to know before visiting the UK



1. 守时非常重要

According to Expedia, punctuality is important in the UK. If you are invited to somebody's house, you're generally expected to arrive on time, but "you have a 10-15 minute grace period if you are running late."


grace period: (行动、责任等的)宽限期


2. 进门前先询问要不要脱鞋

You should ask if you should remove your shoes when entering a British home, according to Expedia. British people like entertaining others in their homes, but some of them like you to leave your shoes at the door, while others don't mind you wearing them around the house.



3. 避免问私人问题

British people love a debate, but you should avoid asking personal questions related to salary or religious and political affiliations if you've just been invited to someone's house.



4. 知道如何回答“你好吗?”

If someone asks you "How do you do?" the correct response isn't "fine, thanks," according to one INSIDER employee. Instead, you should ask "How do you do?" back — then it's on the first person to answer. It's not a common question to encounter, but it's important you know how to respond if you are asked.

Insider网站的一名员工认为,如果某人问你“How do you do?(你好吗?)”,正确的回答不是“fine, thanks(很好,谢谢)”,而应该是反问对方“How do you do?”,然后由第一个人来回答。这不是你经常会遇到的问题,但如果被问到了,知道如何应对很重要。


5. 用餐礼节要记牢

According to Expedia, it's not uncommon at dinner to remain standing until you are invited to sit down. This is less common if you know the other person well, and the meal is casual. You should also keep your elbows off the table, but again, this depends on the situation.


A fairly universal rule in the UK is to lay your knife and fork together at the clock position of 6.30 to signal you're finished.



6. 在酒吧里请大家喝一杯

The Expedia guide says: "Be sure to pay for a round of drinks for everyone in your group when you're at a pub." You don't have to force everyone to stay for another drink, but pub culture is big in the UK, so you probably won't have to. If someone gets you a drink, you should reciprocate. It's unusual for someone to buy only their own drinks in a bar or pub.


reciprocate[rɪ'sɪprəket]: vi. 酬答;互给


7. 不要粗鲁地对待服务员

Don't wave your hand or call out to get the attention of a waiter in a restaurant, Expedia says. This is considered rude. Tipping isn't compulsory in the UK, but it is considered rude not to leave anything. The norm is 10-12.5% of the bill. But British people don't tend to tip bar staff.



8. 乘车时先下后上

This is famously a problem on the tube in London, but the same rule goes for every train and bus in the UK. You should let people off before you try and get on, otherwise everything turns into a crowded mess. And you don't want angry Brits grumbling at you for not knowing the rules.



9. 不要插队

People in the UK don't exactly love to queue, but they respect the queue. It's incredibly rude to butt in or skip in front of people.


"When I first went to the US so many Americans skipped the queue in front of me," one INSIDER employee said. "I didn't know how to react so I spent half an hour just queuing in that store."



10. 在谈生意前先寒暄一下

You should expect some small talk before discussing business, Expedia says. Once you get down to talking numbers, be prepared to back up your claims with facts and figures, the guide says, because "the Brits value facts when making decisions."


You should avoid hard selling tactics and confrontation, as these won't go down well. And you should maintain personal space when talking to someone. And don't be late.



11. 无论是否心怀歉意都要说“对不起”

People in the UK apologize a lot, but it doesn't actually mean they are sorry half the time. People say sorry when they get in someone's way in the street, and have even been known to apologize to inanimate objects they walk into. It just comes with the territory, so it's considered polite to apologize if you brush against someone or walk into them, even if it's not your fault.




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