Five of the best pigs in literature



Animal Farm by George Orwell《动物农庄》,乔治·奥威尔

Two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, lead the animals' successful revolt, but then fall out. Napoleon triumphs and rules the farm. The other animals become mere labourers, while the pigs drink whisky and become more and more like human beings.


fall out: 争吵,闹翻


"A Dissertation upon Roast Pig" by Charles Lamb《论烤猪》,查尔斯·兰姆

The Romantic essayist imagines how the Chinese discovered the joys of roast pork with crackling. Once the Chinese ate their meat raw and kept pigs in their houses. Ho-ti leaves his house to be looked after by his lubberly son Bo-bo, who lets it burn to the ground. But there's something delicious in the ashes. Eureka!


lubberly['lʌbəli]: adj. 粗笨的;笨拙的;低能的

burn to the ground: 全部焚毁

eureka[jʊ'rikə]: int. 有了!;找到了!


Lord of the Flies by William Golding《蝇王》,威廉·戈尔丁

"Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!'" All those angelic choirboys become true primitives when they learn to hunt and kill wild pigs on the idyllic, hellish island. The Lord of the Flies – a rotting pig's head, stuck on a stick – presides.


bash[bæʃ]: vt. 猛击,痛击;怒殴


The Tale of Pigling Bland by Beatrix Potter《小猪布兰德的故事》,毕翠克丝·波特

Aunt Pettitoes, a porcine matriarch, sends her troublesome offspring forth into the world. Pigling Bland is accommodated by a friendly farmer, who is scheming to turn him into bacon. Our young hero rumbles his scheme and escapes along with a beautiful sow called Pig-wig. At the end they dance for joy – free pigs in Westmoreland!


porcine[ˈpɔːrsaɪn]: adj. 猪的,像猪的

matriarch['metrɪ'ɑrk]: n. 女家长;女统治者;女负责人


Blandings Castle stories by PG Wodehouse《布兰丁斯城堡》故事集,佩勒姆·G·伍德豪斯

Lord Emsworth cares for nothing more in the world than his prize-winning pig, the Empress of Blandings. The pig-keepers employed to tend her by the doting earl are often dodgy types, and the Empress is the target of various kidnapping schemes.


doting['dotɪŋ]: adj. 溺爱的,偏爱的

dodgy['dɑdʒi]: adj. 狡猾的



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