Winter storm wreaks havoc on the Pacific Northwest


Well, the west coast is digging out this morning from

a major winter storm that dumped several inches of snow.

They are bracing for even more, believe it or not.

Let's go to rob with the latest. Good morning, rob.

There is more action getting more active here on both

coasts. You can see the radar getting frisky with rain

and snow and showing up in the middleon of the

country ands is what brought all that snow to the

pacific northwest, now diving into California. We have two more

down to California, and this is as parts of the

northwest dig out after what's becoming really an historic amount

of snow this month. Reporter: This morning, that winter storm

slamming the northwest with heavy snow, ice and wind. In

Washington state, near whiteout conditions wreaking havoc for drivers. Up

to 20 inches of snow falling in some places. The

dangerous conditions causing accidents. This car flipping over and this

truck buried so EP in snow the driver had to

be rescued. Just north of Seattle, fierce, high winds up

to0 miles per hour whipping through bringing down trees and

power lines. Meanwhile, Portland also getting hit. Nearly 5 inches

of snow blanketing the eastern part of the city. The

slick roads challenging for drivers. Some being forced to get

out andand take a look at this SUV stuck for

two hours, pinned by a tanker. It was pretty squished.

Reporter: Rescuers had to help him out. All this as

more storms approach northwest cities already covered in a rarely

seen amnt of snow. Good morning, rob. Hello, everyone. Meteorologist

Amy freeze with the accuweather forecast. Early sunshine, and the

windchill in the the teens. High of 39 tonight. Tonight,

dropping off to 29, snow developing south and west of

us, and it will be below freezing. We could see

the flurries lingering into morning. Widely scattered, light snow, creating

slick travel tomorrow morning before the temperatures get to 40

degrees. Another round of snow Monday into Tuesday, and Tuesday

is actually an accuweather alert for the accumulating snow, ice,

and rain to we'll have much more on the storms

that are heading towards the east coast. Will Boston finally

get dig out of the snow deficit, Dan? We'll see.

There is no shame in Boston right now. I'm just

teasing. Winning streak sports-wise. They need to be proud. It's

really cold.

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