Political crises sweep the state of Virginia


And good evening. Thanks for joinings on on this Saturday.

I'm Tom llamas. And we begin tonight with the new

developments on the political crisis in the state of Virginia.

Embattled governor Ralph Northam still not stepping down, but breaking

his silence after last week's news conference, where he admitted

to appearing in blackface back in 1984. He attended a

state trooper's funeral service today. That scandal sparked by th

racist photo he says wasn't him ending up on his

yearbook page. With lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax also refusing to

budge from office. Nearly all of Virginia democratic leaders and

lawmakers and the 2020 presidential candidates intensify their calls for

him to go. Ax's Zachary kiesch STA off. Reporter: For

the first time in seven chaotic days, governo Ralph Northam

emerging from seclusion, paying his respects at the funeral of

a fallen officer. Tonight, the governor also breaking his silence.

In an interview with the "Washington post" saying, he refuses

to resign for admitting to wearing blackface and the racist

photo that appears on his yearbook page. It was offensive,

racist and able. Reporter: Adding, the "Humbling" experience better positions

him to push an agenda of racial reconciliation. He went

on to recount an unnamed black lawmaker who explained to

him that a white person who makes a mistake gets

a second chance, while a black person might not, saying,

it helped "To better understand why someone of white privilege

has the opies they have when an African American doesn't."

I used just a little bit of shoe Polish to

put on my cheeks. The reason I used a very

little bit, you cannot get shoe Polish off. Reporter: At

last week's press conference I asked why someone, who grew

up in the south and is the governor of Virginia,

wouldn't already understand these issues. Do you think as a

grown adult that it's problematic that you need to have

it explained to you that blackface is offensive? No. You

know, I'm not a person of color and people of

color perience different things, it cts them different ways. Reporter:

Tonight, the man in line to succeed Northam, lieutenant governor

Justin Fairfax, now being accused of sexual assault by two

women. Fairfax has been given an ultimatum -- resign or

face impeachment. The articles of impeachment under theonstitution are very

clear. High crimes and misdem this clearly meets that threshold.

Reporter: The second alleged victim to come forward, Meredith Watson,

claiming Fairfax raped her when the two were classmates at

duke university nearly two decades ago. He was drinking, she

wasn't drinking. She knew things were changing when he got

up and locked the door, turned out the light, raped

her. Reporter: Her attorney releasing an e-mail she says Watson

sent to a friend in 2016 claiming Fairfax raped her.

The lieutenant governor denies the allegation, saying, "It is demonstrably

false. I have never forced myself on anyone, ever." Any

messages for the citizens of Virginia? We'll have our say.

I'm confident in the truth. All right, Zachary joins us

live from Richmond. That Virginia delegate saying he'll introduce the

articles of the impeachment against lieutenant governor Fairfax on Monday.

But is that expected to go anywhere? Tom, critics of

impeachment that according to the Virginia constitution it has to

be for crimes committed in the office. That's just one

option. It can also include misdemeanors or high crimes. His

advisers tell us he has no plans of stepping down.

So this looks like it will move

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