News headlines today: Jan. 11, 2019


In Veron was down simmered thirteen year old Jamie las

went missing from almost three months ago. And those are

lessons he's well. Yeah. Yeah. Jennifer Smith is clauses maternal

on Jamie went missing October the fifteenth when her parents

were found murdered inside the family home in Barrett. A

suspect is in custody police did divulge more on the

case this morning. He does official tells ABC news that

the process has begun for the withdrawal of forces from

Syria. These days money one of a partial government shutdown

over border while funding and if there's no deal that

would become the longest shutdown in US history tomorrow. The

senate Thursday passed and the president said he'd sign a

bill that would give back pay to furloughed and forced

to work without pay federal workers but as the US

is about to break a record for the longest government

shut down many workers are scrambling to pay bills and

the president and congress showing no signs of compromise. As

he toured the border city of McAllen Texas president drum

said he still considering declaring a national emergency. The bill

as southern law the White House has directed the Army

Corps of Engineers to examine its emergency budget. To see

that has additional money left in those coffers and that

budgets. But in order to build a wall without additional

support for federal money basically. Circumventing other merchants he needs

like Puerto Rico. In California and elsewhere. The president that's

former lawyer is set to tell a story to congress

Michael Cohen will testify publicly before the house oversight committee

next month. It comes one month before he heads to

prison. He's set to serve three years for lying about

hush money payoffs to hide the president's alleged affairs. Royal

Caribbean says it's all places of the seas cruise ship

is cutting his journey short after 277. Passengers and crew

members have been infected mother Nora virus. Tennis star Andy

Murray says he plans to retire global tent because his

hip injury. Six months in America I think I can

kind of get through this and so. He's at Wimbledon

nuns. Where Lex. That that's where that led to stop.

This whole thing. The problem tunnels in the home. Sir

and on their taxes. Meteorologists in. The sell many weather

headlines he gets another big start to be talking about

the first sign of a lake effect snow that cut

the flat out not to Cleveland that lots of York

Pennsylvania has twelve. Fifteen inches at the top end. All

but it didn't take much about their fault New York

take not a lot how rough. But not all are

well tensions after the storm that is just started in

Colorado. At Denver over to rally will really an advisory

that part of it happened on Saturday. Saint Louis through

central Illinois catered or Indianapolis a look at the timing

here it's Friday night starts you're traveling well wet nice

that he's eight. The Kansas City it was the in

the in the eight starters kind of President Nixon and

change it astounds until of the someplace free plus inches

of snow especially the closer we get heavy intense. Here's

the interesting part though watching the end of this Sunday

in this Sunday morning. They that they high pressure system

training the way it's dry it's cold and Italy the

northern half though. Look like Virginia still. Tell me to

move up and are apparently very vouchers theme but that's

about what went. This month.

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