21-year-old charged with kidnapping of missing 13-year-old Jayme Closs


Radiate days I've stupid ordinance that we were worked tirelessly

to rigidity colossal. Today I can report we have done

just that. This moment genie is being in the comforting

embrace of law enforcement as the investigation and her three

deal ensues. My agency received a 911 call about 430

yesterday afternoon. From the individual who was walking her arm.

Said she was approached by a young female claiming to

be Jamie cost. This lady immediately went to a nearby

house notified that neighbor. The claim. In this neighbor called

911 in my deputies responded. And mass immediately. In identified

Jamie as the person that approached the neighbor. Took control

of her possession of her putter in safekeeping. In a

short time later one of my patrol sergeants. Happen to

find a vehicle matched the description that Jeanine gave my

deputies caught the suspect. And pull the vehicle over and

took the suspect in custody at this time. The suspect

arrested it was arrested and is currently being held in

the bear county jail that suspect is Jake. Thomas Patterson

PE eight TT ER pass away it's 41 years old

from Gordon Wisconsin. He is currently being held on two

counts of first degree intentional homicide for the murder of

Jamie's parents and one count of kidnapping.

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