Inside look from the US-Mexico border amid 21-day shutdown over border wall deadlock


Join career from KV IP. TV to give us the

latest in the situation there and our southern border. I'm

here at the US Mexico border this is really a

part of the central issue for the partial government shutdown.

On Thursday president trumpet McAllen Texas making a case for

his more than five billion dollar border wall. Calling the

whole situation and humanitarian and security crisis. We spoke to

the former chief of the El Paso Border Patrol sector

Victor Matt Titus he's now a professor at the University

of Texas at El Paso. He says there are fewer

arrests being made at the border less than half of

the more than one million made when. He joined the

agency and the 1980s. Despite those figures Homeland Security still

calls the amount of migrants were seeing unprecedented. My god

it says the issue now is who is trying to

come into the United States he says the immigration system

is better equipped to handle individual Mexican men. Not family

units from Central America hating that asylum request or administrative

removals require more stats from immigration officials. More paperwork which

translates to less time in the field. And just this

week Al paso police arrested a 23 year old Guatemalan

migrant. He's accused at entering a motel room and allegedly

sexually assaulting a woman. Also from Guatemala both of them

being housed at a motel in local shelters set up

for them. And the shelter says this surge of migrants

is now over and our region and Texas and New

Mexico we are home to thousands of federal employees will

not be getting a paycheck today. Both states offering help

through unemployment benefits. Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick actually missing

the first day of the legislative session to attend a

border security meeting in Washington DC. Just on Thursday we

also learn that he told the president that Texas would

actually build parts of the border while. As long as

the federal government reimburse the states where exactly that would

be he did not mention. Reporting El Paso, Texas set

the US Mexico border jury Pereira ABC news lives. Our

thanks to Joseph.

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