Norovirus outbreak on Royal Caribbean cruise ship sickens more than 270 passengers


Vacation nightmare imagine you're taking their dream cruise vacation. And

suddenly everywhere around you starts you get sick well that's

what's happening now. We go now to Miami Florida and

are Victor can go with the latest Specter what tell

us about this story this seems so sad. Byron this

is just a nightmare and what ever got these people

sick it's spread as it spread quickly. Now Royal Caribbean

tells us that rather than have everyone worry about their

health they're just gonna go ahead and bring that ship

right back to Florida earlier than expected here talking about.

Hundreds of passengers and crew members. Falling ill aboard the

oasis of the seas ruled Caribbean tells ABC news 277.

Passengers and crew member suffered. An episode of gastrointestinal. Illness.

Passengers we spoke with said people were nervous to leave

their rooms once these symptoms sort of spreading. Listen to

what one woman who got sick had to say. Aaron

to conduct and will it's really not feeling although just

turning having issues like. There yet but them it does

it is I was just. Concerned for my dad's help

because they're Nokia doesn't typically get sick a lot. Her

father got sick as well the awaits us in the

sees as were the biggest ships in the world is

decked out with. Two story suites a high dive pool.

Even zip line Neary nearly 9000 people were onboard this

ship there was a seven day cruise going throughout the

Caribbean it was elect on Sunday. By Tuesday as the

ship was approaching to make that is when people started

experiencing these symptoms Jamaican officials tell us that they actually

sent. Teams of doctors onboard the ship to help out.

Now what the crew is constantly doing. They are cleaning

every inch of that ship up their wiping down anything

that people might touch so. Lounge areas dining areas even

cool hand rails not taking any chances there and now

the oasis of the seas is due back at port

Canaveral. Tomorrow aren't. Sounds miserable. What had the passengers had

they been pleased with how Royal Caribbean has responded to

this. A few capacity that we spoke without actually said

look we know that things can happen on cruises and

Royal Caribbean has done a good job. The company did

promise a full refund for all those on board which

should also mention though. That the CDC is planning to

investigate hear and world Caribbean. Has taken samples from these

people that they plan on giving to the CDC a

city in their investigation. Picture condone Miami thank you so

much kick.

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