Missing teen found alive months after parents murdered


breaking news. The Wisconsin teen, Jayme Closs, who has been

missing for months has now been found. She disappeared back

in October when her parents were murdered. Family and friends

and authorities have been desperately searching for her ever since

and overnight, she was rescued, let's go right to Alex

Perez there in Wisconsin, Alex, they've got a suspect in

custody. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Cecilia. This is the moment

Jayme's family has been hoping and praying for, she is

safe and sound and authorities are now working to figure

out what exactly she has endured the last few months.

This morning, a family's prayers answered. A 13-year-old, Jayme Closs,

found alive as she vanished three months ago after her

parents were killed. The teen located in Douglas county, Wisconsin,

nearly 70 miles away from where she was last seen

in Barron. According to KSTP Closs ran up to a

woman walking her dog screaming for help saying she had

been abducted and that her captor murdered her parents. That

good samaritan then running to a neighbor's home for help.

Those neighbors telling "The Minneapolis star tribune" that Jayme was

skinny with matted hair wearing shoes too big for her

feet. The couple offering her food and water and introducing

her to their puppy while waiting for police. She was

taken to a hospital overnight. Her emotional grandfather speaking with

KSTP shortly after learning Jayme was found alive. What's your

reaction, sir? My reaction? Wow. Whoopie. I've never been so

happy for two months. Reporter: October 15th, police responding to

a 911 call from the Closs home around 1:00 A.M.

Did it sound like somebody needed help? Did it sound

like danger? There was some kind of commotion on that

tape and so we went and responded as we normally

do to any 911 call and that's when we discovered

two deceased people when we arrived on scene. Reporter: The

commotion they heard led police to believe Jayme was home.

Authorities responded within four minutes and Jayme was gone. Inside

the door kicked , no weapon on the scene, but

Jayme's parents Denise and James brutally murdered. Well, let's see

what we can find. Reporter: Police worked around the clock

following thousands of tips from across the country. Local, state

and federal officials scoured the area for months. Hundreds of

community volunteers joining the effort in of getting one step

closer to finding Jayme. This morning, police say they have

a suspect in custody as Jayme is set to reunite

with her family. And at this point authorities have not

released many details about that suspect, but we are expecting

to learn more very soon. Investigators plan an update on

this case later this morning. Cecilia. Okay, Alex, thank you.

Jayme's aunt and godmother join us by phone from Barron,

Wisconsin. Thanks for being here this morning. We can't say

how happy we are enough that Jayme is safe. What

can you tell us about how she's doing this morning?

I haven't got to see her yet but I get

to see her this afternoon and I hear she is

doing great and she's getting rest right now. Oh, that

makes us so happy. Can you walk us through that

moment that you found out that Jayme is safe? Oh,

I just cried and lots of happy tears. And I

just wanted to scream very loudly. How did you find

out? The sheriff came to my house and an investigator.

And can you share with us any details about what

they told you about what these past few months have

been like for her? He said that she's safe. We

have her a hospital and they're getting her checked out

and they have a suspect in custody and that's all

I know so far. That's all you know and I'm

sure you have a lot of questions, you and the

entire family and the community have a lot of questions.

What more do you know about when she's going to

be reunited with you guys? She will be reunited with

me this afternoon. I will get to see her later

today. And -- Afternoon sometime. And do you have any

more details about how she was found? That's all I

know is that she escaped from where she was being

held and she saw a lady walking the dog and

she ran to the lady yelling for help and the

lady helped her and they went to a nearby neighbor's

house and she had large shoes on that were too

big on her and she was pretty dirty and her

hair was matted and they offered her food and water

but she declined and then they called, of course, when

they got there they called 911 right away and somebody

responded right away. Authorities haven't been able to give you

many more details about her experience? No, I haven't had

any of that yet. I will get all those details

this afternoon when I meet with the FBI agents. But

you say you found out that she is doing well

and her condition is as good as could be expected.

Yes, yep. She's talking. I'm sorry. Go ahead. You say

she's talking. Yep, and she's talking, yep, and she's doing

very well, they said. What is the first thing you

will say to Jayme? I'l her the biggest hug and

just tell her I'm here for her and I love

her very much. And we know that that whole community,

thousands of people say to the community this morning? Oh,

I do. I thank the community for not giving up

hope and for helping us and for continuing prayers and

helping us get this girl home and for all theters

and everything out there. She said he knew who Jayme

was right away from posters she saw. And no one

gave up hope, miss Smith, thank you so much for

joining us this morning. We are so happy for this

ending that Jayme is home safe. What an amazing story.

Tragic story but as good of an ending as you

could hope for. We move on to Washington and

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