Trump signals he may declare national emergency


We move on to Washington and day 21 of the

government shutdown now sure to be the longest in history.

Federal paychecks set for today will not be going out

as president trump signals he may be ready to declare

a national emergency to get his border wall. Want to

go to Jon Karl and, Jon, one idea the white

house is looking at diverting money from disaster relief to

pay for the wall? Reporter: A very controversial one at

that, George. But today is supposed to be payday for

hundreds of thousands of federal workers who now will be

going without pay, any pay whatsoever as we enter day

21 of the government shutdown with no obvious end in

sight. President trump surrounded by border officials told Sean hannity

he is so determined to build a border wall. Death

is pouring through. Reporter: He is willing to go around

congress and declare a national emergency to get the funds

to build it. If we don't make a deal with

congress most likely I will do that. I would actually

say I would. I can't imagine any reason why not

because I'm allowed to do it. The law is 100%

on my side. Reporter: Sources tell ABC news the white

house is laying groundwork to use funds allocated to the

army corps of engineers potentially diverting funds meant for disaster

relief projects in California, Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and other

states. Democrats are already preparing legal challenges. It's bad enough

that he's preventing 800,000 people from getting their paychecks tomorrow,

now he wants to take money from victims of disasters.

Reporter: While visiting the border president trump seemed to reinvent

one of the central promises of his campaign. Who's going

to pay for the wall. 100%. Do you think they'll

write a check for 20 billion or 10 billion or

5 billion or 2 cents? No, they're paying for the

wall in a great trade deal. Reporter: In fact, his

campaign website described a scenario where Mexico would make a

one-time payment of $5 billion to $10 billion to build

the wall. In a promotional video put out by the

white house overnight, the president said his wall will get

built even though negotiations with congress are going nowhere. The

shutdown ties a record today and by tomorrow, George, will

be the longest shutdown in American history. It's not just

Democrats warning the president against declaring this emergency. Reporter: George,

you have prominent conservatives who see this as an abuse

of power who see it as setting a bad precedent

that could then be used by a future democratic president,

for instance, senator Marco Rubio has warned that a future

democratic president could declare a national emergency to deal with

climate change and there is even opposition among the president's

top advisers to this idea. Thanks very much.

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