Corker: Khashoggi verdict would take 20 mins


BOB CORKER: I was going to be.

But now, what I can say that it's

very possible that what we saw yesterday,

what we heard yesterday was--

was material they'd not seen yet when they came

in to make the presentation.

So I'll just say maybe that's the case, so--

- Do you mean that they're being ordered not to make that claim?

BOB CORKER: I had no idea.

I really don't.

What I do know is that, you know,

the CIA director came in, and with some analysts,

and gave the most precise presentation

I've ever heard in 12 years.

And I left there, as I mentioned.

Somebody came up today and corrected me on my comments

yesterday when I said if we went before a jury,

he'd be found guilty in 30 minutes.

One of my colleagues came out and said, no, no, no, no.


So-- so-- and this is-- this is somebody

who serves on the Intel Committee themselves.

So look, it was--

you know, the report yesterday, the presentation

was very damning.

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