Michelle Obama, Bush share sweet moment


- There was a moment from the funeral.

Bush 43, he's greeting the presidents.

He hands Michelle Obama a piece of candy,

which is something that he did at John McCain's funeral.

Such a small moment, but it really--

that camaraderie stands in such contrast to what

we saw with President Trump.

DOUGLAS BRINKLEY: It absolutely does.

And 43 and Michelle just adore each other.

They're cute together all the time.

- Yeah, they are.

DOUGLAS BRINKLEY: They do photographs,

and they have a genuine affection for each other.

And so that was obviously a pre-ordained thing, that I'll

give you a candy again.

- What do you make of that, that friendship--

that unlikely friendship?

DOUGLAS BRINKLEY: That it's a little flirtatious,

and a little bit of the feeling that I think

it must be refreshing for Michelle Obama

not to dislike a president that's a Republican.

And her disdain for Donald Trump is legendary.

Her memoir just came out where she says, I blame--

I'll never forgive Donald Trump for my kids' safety.

Yet her heart is very open to George W. Bush.

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