North Korea expands key missile base


- What these show is clear evidence that North Korea

continues to build up their long range missile capabilities,

even as the two sides-- the US side and North Korea--

say that they are working towards getting

rid of nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula.

That was the pledge that they made it back in June.

Now, remember, these long range missiles

that we're talking about can carry nuclear warheads,

and they can hit the United States.

The images we're about to show you,

we obtained them from the Middlebury Institute.

Excuse me.

Let's first start with this map here of North Korea.

This is the region that we're talking about--

the expanded base, the new facility right up here

in the mountainous region of northern North Korea, right up

against the border with China.

There's already a base there called

the Yongjo Dong missile base.

That has already been well-known to intelligence

agencies and analysts.

But then just seven miles from there is this new base,

is this new expansion that we're talking about.

And when you look at that closely,

when you zoom in on that satellite imagery,

you can see this construction activity.

And what you're looking at here is the headquarters

and barracks of this new base.

You can see the construction, the maintenance there.

This was taken on November 12, so just under a month ago.

Relatively new images.

Now, Brianna, in addition to that,

you also have these new administration buildings.

You've got a massive amount of tunneling

activity that has been carried out over the last few years.

You also have what are called hardened bunkers

that have been camouflaged.

Also, drive-through shelters, which analysts say

are large enough for those ballistic missiles,

similar to the ones that we saw at the older base.

Now, we should note that everything

we're showing you here is not a violation

of any agreement between North Korea and the US

or with South Korea.

But the Trump administration has insisted that the North's

ballistic missile program be eliminated

as part of a future deal.

North Korea so far has balked at that.

Talks are very much at a standstill right now.

The Trump administration is arguing

that North Korea is not living up to their end of the bargain.

And they argue that's why that second summit between the two

leaders is needed.

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