News headlines today: Dec. 6, 2018


After a private funeral in Houston this morning a 4300

horsepower locomotive will carry the remains of the first President

Bush. Do their final resting place. A rail car with

transparent walls will allow stores along the tracks to see

the flag draped coffin. Search and rescue off the coast

of Japan after two US Marine Corps jets got into

an accident during a midair refueling. Five people are missing

TU have been found. Some one of the top executives

at one of the world's biggest tech companies even under

arrest in Canada. Many long Joseph the daughter who always

founder was apprehended in Vancouver on December 1 says the

Canadian Justice Department. Which can't share details of the case

after Maine was granted a publication ban. In a statement

while Wei says Maine faces unspecified charges in the US.

Wall Street Journal has reported that the US Justice Department

was investigating where there while lay was in violation of

sanctions against the run. While always been facing scrutiny after

the US raised concern that the Chinese Government. Could be

using the company's networking technology to spy on Americans. Yes

two people were killed several injured in a wrong way

crash on high 74 in Normal, Illinois. Investigators sit tractor

trailer rigs going the wrong way in the interstate slammed

head on into a school bus carried the normal community

West High School JV girls basketball team. Trucker at a

school volunteer of the Boston killed it's unclear how the

eighteen Wheeler ended up going the wrong way. So US

Border Patrol agent has been charged with capital murder in

Texas a prosecutor says Juan David Ortiz admitted to killing

four female sex workers. Because he considered them worthless. Despite

efforts global carbon emissions experienced their largest jump in seven

years according to the global carbon project. The international scientific

collaboration finds that carbon dioxide emissions rose nearly 3% from

2017 to 2018. It's anyone's when he won an older

kid now possess or transport small amounts of pot starting

today initially again. You can out of twelve plants inside

your home and a total of ten ounces and you

can't smoke get in public places where he will face

a fine. In Ohio father Schilling tough love to his

daughter Kathy Cox posted this video show the east ten

year old daughter walking five miles to school. He's 36

degree weather. She'd been picked up the bus for bullying

and other students. These video has now been viewed fourteen

million times posted the comments praising dad but some say

he. Wait to parks. Can't town declares a living coral

it will be the color of when he nineteen. The

Sox view is described as an remaining and life affirming.

The company predicts that living coral will dominate fashion beauty

home design and view technology in the coming months. Meteorologist

in the air a couple of headlines another big strong

to talk about for the weekend so let's get into

in Eastern Pennsylvania that Salt Lake effect now up to

five and a half inches in Western Pennsylvania has. Really

near Ohio. Causing accident has then take. More than that

certainly in the North Atlanta they had up to four

inches also. Cars in ditches and that's the same area

that by Sunday could see six to twelve inches bald

and come from the same system where. Green potentials so

much rain in the eight actually get in Southern California

sea world will think the rain. At least on Thursday

and then as that's like he's not just home. But

rain and ice and this is where I just stunning

image from Oklahoma a meteorologist posting that something sad and

pulled out guns of people preparing for this winter storm

that that they. It may end up impact do you.

Well beyond just the relative power you think that's what

we watch for. And then you go into the snowing

hard six to twelve inches again in western Carolina. Back

through parts of Virginia. And eastern Tennessee study at those

higher elevated areas that you don't need elevates necessarily to

get two bites. This represented rec it.

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